About Us


The FAR Fund is a private grant-making fund established in 2001 and located in New York City. The Fund awards grants to a diverse range of non-profit organizations that are working toward far-reaching goals in their efforts to support the social and emotional well-being of the people they serve.


The FAR Fund provides funding to programs that promote healthy social and emotional development in children and families. The Fund has a particular, but not exclusive, interest in developmental disabilities as an area of funding. Organizations that clearly demonstrate a psychological sensibility in their work, philosophy, and leadership are particularly attractive to us. We also strongly consider the sustainability of the projects we support after the grant period ends.

About the Website

This website was created during a week-long Tech Kids Unlimited workshop where kids learned web design with The FAR Fund as their real client. Tech Kids Unlimited is a grantee of The FAR Fund. This website was designed by the following students: Anik Banerji, Joseph Leogrande, Greg Malukoff, Matthew Mulvihill, Robert Olsen, Ryan Park, Yedidya Rabbani and Jack Rubin.